Thursday, June 16, 2011


No, I'm not dead or dismembered, but rather lazy, or busy... who knows?

If you haven't heard, I moved out of NorthEast Portland and down to Lake Oswego. It's 13 miles closer to work, less expensive and more spacious. I moved in with my girlfriend Blaire, who many of you already know. Stan (the dog) is loving the larger apartment (2 stories!) and woodsy surroundings, as are we.

Anyway, obviously I've had some big changes recently and have been neglecting my little corner on the internet. Not sure where I will ultimately take this site, but I slimmed some things down and made it my own. At some point I'll probably archive all the old posts and start fresh, but until I figure out what to do with it, it'll be relatively the same for now.

Lake Oswego all day?? Eh, as much as I love Portland, these days I'd encompass all the burbs as well. Portland's current way too hipness is just as annoying the Beaverton douche bags. We'll still leave Gresham out though... ;)

See ya when I see ya,


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