About Me

My name is Stephan, but you can call me Slo, what up?

A quick guide to Me is the following... I am interested to some degree or another in the following:
Basketball, sneakers, comedy, BMX, graphic design, hiking, Nintendo, cheese, UFO's, Lil Wayne, grape flavored food and drink, snowboarding, Apple, Audi / VW, Bill Murray, auto racing, rap / hiphop, DVDs, speed skating (ice), Vincent Price, LEGO's, science, Lindsay Lohan before she went crazy, skateboarding, running, video editing, camping, screenprinting, and probably a thousand other things I am forgetting.

This website started off as a random assortment of thoughts, ideas, nonsense, progress, and fun, between a friend and I. It then became a more personal space of my own randomness. And now after several years, will finally become more of what I've always wanted. A place to create and express aspects of design that have always been floating around my brain. More specifically and most likely in the form of t-shirts and sweatshirts.

I'll be starting small, probably 1 or 2 designs at first in smaller runs, to feel out the demand. God willing, some at least mild success will be had and allow me to reinvest what I make into more production. Wish me luck!

Welcome to my hood.