Tuesday, November 10, 2009


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I found this old Detriment image that I made back in the day, but after we did 'Decent' so nothing ever got done with it.

It's an illustration of a Sony VX2000 with a Century death lens, filled in with some random photos Forrest shot during early/mid 2000's.

Forrest is keeping Detriment alive (barely) over on his blog, so peep that...Detriment. Maybe he'll even make it a dot-com someday ;)

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123 said...
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123 said...

I'm not spending $6.95 for a domain name. Nobody visits my blog because I never update it.

Psyched to see you add a post on here that didn't involve a crappy cell phone pic. Now that your all legit with your dot com steez you gotta step up the quality of that content Son!

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