Friday, February 13, 2009


A simple idea but a good one.

Long story... So my tooth started bothering me again yesterday. The pain started off aggrivating but soon turned unbearable. I called the dentist and got a refill on my antibiotics and Tylenol3. A swift and kind pharmacy employee got me set up quickly. Many thanks to her! I head home and load up on the pills. I few hours later and nothing has changed. A few more pills, a few mooore hours and again, no change.

Off to the ER in search of a new prescription. Another batch of swift and friendly folks and I'm in and out in under an hour with a Percoset request in hand.

On to the 24 hour Walgreens to fill 'er up. A 2 hour wait (did I mention it's 2am) and a few interesting people later and I'm finally on my way home.

But here's the important part. While at Walgreens I met a dude who's shoulder was dislocated while practicing martial arts. It was still out of socket and to top it off they found an ear infection too. He only had enough cash for the pain meds. However the pharmacist didn't want to sell him just the pain pills. She insisted he must purchase it with the other 2 precribed meds, muscle relaxors and an antibiotic. After some brief back and forth he told her to fill all of them, knowing he only had money for one. Over the next hour we chatted about everything from infomercials to the late night crack heads roaming the store. We both get called up at the same time to make our purchases, and as I was there longer I went first. I pay my tab and request a $20 cash back. As I'm about to take off, I slap the $20 down on the counter and say 'how about you pick up the rest of your pills tonight?' He kindly refutes at first but I insisted and told him it was all good. I then said 'Happy Valentine's Day man, no homo.' He laughed and extended his uninjured arm. We shook hands and I was on my way.

I'm not sure if I'll ever see that dude again, but it doesn't matter. I was put in a position to help someone out and I took it. We've all been in a position to need some help before and I find it only fair to pass on my good fortune. 'Pay it forward'...remember that the next time you're in the position to help someone deserving. It always comes back around.

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very nice young man you are babe.

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