Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Lung rot

I haven't been out much since the smoking ban went into effect but I have to say (at most places) it's been nice to walk out just as I walked in. So fresh and so clean... well, you get it.

Some bars that will go unnamed *coughtubecough* might have been better off remaining smoky. Now that the nightly gaseous mask has cleared, things never smelled before in that bar are more than evident. For instance; the bathroom, weed in people's jackets and the ever present vomit-inducing funk of those people in our fair city who don't make showering or doing laundry a priority. These three smells don't mix well but then again, they don't quite stick to my sweater, pants, shirt, shoes, and socks like the old intruder, either.

Win some lose some. Smoke em' if you've got em'. Outside though, ya bastards.

Unrelated, some seemingly homeless peeps congregated in the park across the street playing some kind of game a week or two ago before a fight erupted between them and some asses were whooped.


Don't touch my cards, fool. Or dice.. or... whatever. I get angry!

2 hollas:

JT said...

"Some asses were whooped"! Damn Funny!

Anonymous said...

That's what happens in the barrio son. Don't get'cha'azz capped.

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