Thursday, January 22, 2009

Back in action.


My VPN connection to my job's network died a few weeks ago. I was too lazy to try and figure out what was wrong until last night when connecting at a couple different cafes and coffee shops was successful. The work computer is a Dell, router in my house, Apple.

I owned the old Hershey's kiss looking Airport router originally, then left it with my parents when I moved to Portland. I bought the newer version of the airport after that. All Apple products come with install discs but typically as soon as you plug in the hardware it recognizes it, does it's thing and boom, you're done. Digging through some support documents last night showed an application, "Airport Utility" included on the install disc. I figured I might as well try that, popped the install disc I had (which was unopened) into the drive and was prompted that it was the old install disc from the Hershey's router. I was prompted to download the correct utility application, upgraded the firmware and everything was fine.

So the combination of old VPN software and old router configuration/firmware worked. When my job upgraded their VPN software, the router no longer wanted to party.

Things are golden now. Woot.

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