Thursday, January 15, 2009

Adiós Brentster

(this picture is a 'Groundhog Day' bite, if you didn't get it)

Today is co-worker and homie, Brent Holman's last day of work here at Powermax. He leaves Monday to take on his 2 year mission that will lead him from Portland to Utah, to Vera Cruz, Mexico and home again.

This kid makes me laugh everyday and his great sense of humor, ability to quote movies with the best, and slight cynicism (probably learned that from me) will be sorely missed tomorrow and everyday after.

God speed Brentster, and don't worry we'll have a whole new batch of YouTube videos and coach rants for you to fill up on in 2 years.

And as we like to say around here...'that's what she said!'

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TheBeastBoy said...

May he find Peace and greener pastures on the other side. And watch out for fluffy white rabbits with BIG VICIOUS FANGS!!!

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